You Are Not Your Own
Becoming God's Steward

by Mike Armour, Ph.D.
Copyright 1995. 39 pages.
Published by College Press
ISBN: 0-89900-701-5

Special Note: The original publisher has allowed this book to go out of print. But we have retained the right to republish it and maintain it in inventory at all times.

For two decades churches across America have used this four-lesson study guide to lead Christians into a deeper understanding of stewardship.

In contrast to studies that portray stewardship almost entirely in terms of finances, You Are Not Your Own challenges readers to think of their entire Christian life as a practice of stewardship. One by one the author looks at the myriad of things that have been entrusted to us,

  • from the environment
  • to time
  • to material resources
  • to the upcoming generation of children

Then he underscores the stewardship responsibility that we have in each of these arenas.

Each chapter ends with thought-provoking questions that stimulate deeper reflection. The four-lesson layout makes this an ideal text for a month-long study in Bible classes or for small groups.

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