No Winner Ever Got There
Without a Coach
A Guide to Personal & Professional Success

by Mike Armour, Ph.D., Dr. Pam Brill, David Rock, and others
Copyright 2012. 275 pages plus foreword.
Published by Insight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60013-885-0

This book is like having your personl coach, because its pages are full of valuable lessons that will help your business and personal life thrive. Here you will find innovative and sometimes surprising solutions to problems you might be facing in your business or personal life.

No Winner Ever Got There without a Coach is from a series of anthologies produced by Insight Publishing, built around interviews with prominent success and business coaches.

Topics range from clarifying your sense of who you are to maintaining a proper life balance to conquering professional limitations, such as reluctance to make sales calls.

Dr. Mike Armour's contribution is a chapter on building a corporate culture of leaders who coach. He spells out the process of implementing a coaching and mentoring culture, drawing on his experience in helping several companies make this transition.