Leadership and the Power of Trust:
Building a High-Trust, Peak-Performance Organization

by Mike Armour, Ph.D.
Copyright 2007. 199 pages plus foreword.
ISBN-10: 0-9799398-1-X   ISBN-13: 978-0-9799398-1-5

Over decades of helping troubled organizations, Dr. Mike Armour has seen a recurring pattern. When organizations consistently fall short of their full potential, the root cause is usually found in unrecognized, unaddressed, or unresolved trust issues.

He has also discovered that when these trust issue are surfaced and dealt with constructively, the result is an unprecedented level of creativity, resilience, and productivity.

Corporate America, he believes, suffers from a severe trust deficit. It's as glaring as our trade deficit and no less damaging to the bottom line.

In Leadership and the Power of Trust, he lays out a blueprint for creating a high-trust corporate climate. The book maps the basic principles of what he calls Trust-Centered Leadership®. He illustrates these principles by drawing on his own experience as president of a financially-troubled college.

Dr. Armour offers two formulas to guide leaders in building a high-trust culture. The first formula focuses on the five things which people must feel in order for trust to prevail.

The second formula centers on seven key qualities which leaders must manifest if they are to enjoy high levels of trust. The book also identifies 14 elements of character and conduct that influence the depth of trust that leaders engender.

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