Leadership & Life
Quick Pointers for Success

by Mike Armour, Ph.D.
Copyright 2010. 103 pages plus preface..
ISBN-10: 0-9799398-3-6   ISBN-13: 978-0-9799398-3-9

Leadership and Life is an anthology of articles published over the past decade in Dr. Mike Armour's LeaderPerfect Newsletter, one of the first electronic newsletters devoted to leadership.

From its intial issue LeaderPerfect Newsletter has enjoyed an avid following. Readers are drawn to the unique blend of an engaging writing style, intriguing articles, and probing commentary on life.

Today the newsletter reaches readers around the globe, with a readership that grows each month.

Articles for this anthology were chosen for their timeless relevance to leadership and to the leader's personal self-development. These self-development themes are also inspirational for anyone, leader or not.

Because they were originally distributed as emails, the chapters in Leadership & Life are relatively short and compact. Yet each chapter contains insightful viewpoints and perspectives which merit thoughtful reflection.

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