Helping Others to Succeed

by Mike Armour, Ph.D., Warren Bennis, Rep. Pat Schroeder, Sen. George Mitchell and others
Copyright 2014. 181 pages.

The effectiveness of a leader is measured not so much by the degree to which he or she succeeds, but the degree to which the leader helped others achieve their own success.

This book, another in the Insight Publishing anthologies on leadership and coaching, is a compilation of interviews with more than a dozen accomplished leaders, public figures, and leadership coaches. In their interviews, they share perspectives on the secrets of empowering personal success and the success of others.

Mike Armour's chapter on "Leading from a Servant Perspective" lays out the case for servant-leadership and outlines key attributes of this style of leadership. He concludes with a series of practical steps for any organization to take if it wants to create a culture of servant leadership.