Bushido Business
The Fine Art of the Modern Professional

by Mike Armour, Stephen M. R. Covey, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, et al.
Copyright 2010. 297 pages.
Published by Insight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60013-564-4

"Bushido" is the Japanese name for the samurai warrior's code. It stressed seven traits: honesty and justice, courage, compassion, courtesy, sincerity, honor, duty, and loyalty.

Although the age of the samurai is now a relic of history, the principles and values which the samurai upheld remain relevant and essential today.

Bushido Business is an anthology of interviews with more than a dozen respected specialists in success coaching. They look at how the bushido principles apply to contemporary business, management, and leadership challenges.

These interviews touch on far-ranging aspects of business leadership, from strategy to sales to maintaining a balanced personal life. Every chapter of the book provides solid, effective weapons for the modern business warrior's arsenal.

Mike Armour's section explores the secrets of finding genuine joy in your career. He distinguishes between success and mere achievement, arguing that when achievement is not accompanied by joy, we feel empty. We don't feel like a success.

The secret to genuine success is therefore to find joy in what we are giving our life to. Mike uses a game metaphor extensively to explore the strategies that professionals can utilize to either discover joy — or recover joy — in their careers.